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Our Projects

A curated selection of our work, chosen to demonstrate the diverse range of our capabilities. A sneak peek of our expertise and the unique solutions we provide.

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Over 400K

Cookies Per Year

Sends Faxes

Yes, in 2024

E-Commerce / Gift Giving / Retail

sr-leaf Cookies By George

We initially underestimated the challenge of selling cookies but ended up delivering an awesome batch:

  • Multi-Recipients In Single Order: One order, infinite postal codes. We mix'matching delivery and pick-up. Each rate is calculated independently.
  • API Integration: Automatic address lookups, giftcard purchasing, multiple courier integrations, and instant error reporting.
  • Store App: Retail stores fulfill orders, manage hours and inventory with an easy-to-use iPad interface.
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Platform / Dashboard / Payments

sr-leaf Conflict Is For The Birds

We built a commerce agnostic platform that helps people understand their conflict style and how to use it to their advantage. Practitioners can send and track assessments, and even create their own groups.

  • E-Commerce Agnostic: Platform works without being tied to one e-commerce provider.
  • Practitioner Control: Can create contacts, groups and even sign-up links their test takers can access through a QR code.
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For staff / practitioners


Assessments, notifications

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No Time

For Copy-Pasting

No Errors

In Data Entry

Fintech / WordPress Plugin / API

sr-leaf Accelerate Financial

We developed a specialized WordPress plugin to seamlessly interface between a private internal database and a WordPress website. This tool enabled secure data interactions, eliminating the need for daily manual copy-pasting.

  • WordPress Plugin: Custom plugin to interface with internal database.
  • Short Codes: Short codes to display data on the website.
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Digital Display / WordPress Plugin / MindBody API

sr-leaf Decidedly Jazz - Digital Display

For DJD, we streamlined their scheduling process with a custom digital solution integrated with MindBody, focusing on essential data for simplicity and efficiency. By repurposing their existing WordPress site for a control panel and API, we achieved a seamless and uncomplicated scheduling system.

  • WordPress Plugin: Custom plugin to interface with MindBody API.
  • Contextual Schedule: Display's important information to the hour.
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User Engagement



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Industry Leads


User Retention

Mobile Game / Sports Betting / Freeplay

sr-leaf Freeplay

A mobile sports betting game that allows users to bet on real games with fake money. Multiple sport-stream sources, contests, notifications, and a slick admin dashboard to manage it all.

  • Push Notifications: Users can be notified of upcoming games and contests.
  • Admin Dashboard: Admins can manage users, contests, and games.
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E-Commerce / B2B / Retail Operations

sr-leaf Retail Store App

We built a retail store app for Cookies By George that allows them to manage their inventory, hours, and orders. It's a simple iPad app that allows them to manage their retail stores.

  • Inventory Management: Staff can manage inventory and hours with an easy interface.
  • Order Fulfillment: Can fulfill orders and manage their status which then informs customers through SMS.
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Retail Operations


Speed of Service

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Data Entry


Record Duplication

Automation / Database Integrity / Duplication

sr-leaf Filemaker MindBody Sync

What do you do when you have a 30 year old Filemaker database that you want to talk to your ticket/booking system? You call us. That's what you do. No, seriously.

  • Import Portal: Controls and displays import process with error reporting.
  • Custom API: Custom API to interface with MindBody.
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Special Projects

Experimental and challenging work, both emotionally and technically. Sometimes, we engage with our deep-seated interests or a burning desire to help. These projects stand apart from our typical portfolio, representing a fusion of creative exploration and essential undertakings.

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The Cause


Emotional Impact


E-Commerce / Bereavement / Funeral

sr-leaf Avery's Legacy

Our hardest project, emotionally. Avery's Legacy is a bereavement service that helps families who have lost a child. Many tears were shed working on this platform.

  • Donations: Users can donate to Avery's cause through purchasing quarter, half and full-sized boxes
  • E-Commerce: Users can purchase boxes and other items through the site to support Avery's Legacy.
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Mobile Game / Experimental / Weather API / Serverless

sr-leaf Weather Farmer

Confronted with an unconventional dare, we took on the task of merging a weather app with a mobile game - just to prove it could be done. The outcome is an engaging game that not only entertains but also educates players about renewable energy, all while being dynamically linked to real-world weather data.

  • Weather API: Pulls real-time weather data from the OpenWeatherMap API.
  • Serverless: Custom serverless API to interface with the game.
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AI Snark


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Fun Factor


Boom Factor


Video Game / Experimental / Rage Release

sr-leaf Invasion Defence

This game is our modern twist on the classic space invaders game, designed for both learning and stress-relief through exhilarating destruction. It's a nostalgic yet fresh experience, perfect for blowing off steam with a bit of strategic fun.

  • Puzzle Elements: You can spam missiles for one star, but you'll need to think to get three.
  • Explosions: Airstrikes. Lasers. Missiles. Lots of explosions.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Experimental

sr-leaf The Dead After

The Dead After is an experimental AI project that generates a story based on our optional input. The goal, beat token limits through text compression and summaries.

  • AI/Voice: Generates a story based on our optional input, and reads it to you.
  • Token Limits: Go beyond token limits with automated text compression.
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Frequently asked questions

It's like asking if buying a suit off the rack or getting one tailor-made is cheaper. Off-the-shelf software seems more wallet-friendly, and it can be, especially if your needs are standard. But here's where it gets interesting.

Think about adding plugins to your off-the-shelf software. Each plugin is like an extra patch on that off-the-rack suit. They add up, not just in cost but in complexity, too. Additionally, you'll need someone to manage these customizations. That's an additional expense, and these costs can snowball quickly.

Now, compare that to custom software. The initial price tag might be higher, but it's like getting that tailor-made suit. It fits you perfectly from the start; no extra patches. It tackles your specific problem head-on.

So, while you might pay more upfront, you're avoiding many hidden add-on costs down the line. Plus, you get precisely what you need without the fuss of stripping away unneeded features or hoping that a patchwork of plugins will solve your problem.

Vendor lock-in is a common concern with custom software, but let me put your mind at ease regarding our approach. We designed our platform to be open and flexible. It isn't bound to a single environment – you can run it locally or in the cloud, be it Amazon, Google, or any other primary provider. This versatility is a big plus compared to web-only providers, who might restrict you to their platform without direct access.

We believe in transparency and will communicate any limitations during our discovery meeting. The goal is to avoid any surprises down the line. Generally speaking, we don't operate with a vendor lock-in model. We want you to stay with us because you love the service and the product, not because you're stuck with it. So, you can rest assured that with our software, you're getting a solution that's as open and extendable.