Custom Information Systems. On Budget. On Time.

Say goodbye to projects that feel like a broken game of telephone. With decades of experience, we’re master software builders who get it right the first time. We’ll work with you directly to create websites, information systems, client gateways, and dashboards. Think of us as your tech partners, scaling your business with solutions that work and a process you’ll enjoy.

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Scale your business

Build Tech Without The Dread

You've been burned by developers who over-promise and under-deliver or ill-equipped website companies floundering with complex projects. You need a rock-solid custom commerce experience, a lab information system (LIS), or an internal database. Finding the right partner feels like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Wasting time and money on half-baked solutions is maddening. The endless back-and-forth, time zone headaches, and constant miscommunications add to your stress. You're fed up with hearing, "That's impossible." The thought of diving into your next project feels like standing on the edge of a cliff. For once, you want someone to tackle the tough stuff, reduce stress (and risk), and make your life easy.

Not a problem. We're veteran Calgary software builders who specialize in crafting custom solutions for your business, like a custom car builder (not a mechanic shop). We don't install WordPress plugins; we create them. We don't design brochure websites; we engineer websites that function like well-oiled machines to perform heavy and complex tasks. We meticulously calibrate every component. We aim to spark your excitement for what is possible while moving your business forward.

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We Translate Your Needs Into Action

We don't expect you to know our "lingo" or anything about our industry. Your job is to bring a great idea; ours is to fill in the blanks and make it excellent.

Communication And Care

The last thing you want is anxiety about the final result. We won't build something that "technically works," but overall is a horrible experience. The entire product matters to your clients, customers, and staff. We will keep you in the loop with a demo site and frequent check-ins to discuss what's working and what isn't so we can make changes until it's perfect.


We Respect Your Time

We know what works and what doesn't. You don't need a second job; we use our expertise to drive decisions where possible. Of course, we'll need the details, but we're here to be your bulwark against technical complexity and time drain. We hope you're OK with moving fast and just getting things done.


Adaptive Work Process

Putting ideas on paper is hard, and our clients differ in how they do that best. We adapt to your style and preference. By default, we use an adaptive agile approach (forging a loose sequential waterfall plan) and building pieces weekly (sprints). The idea is to map out a destination but have flexibility if things change. This way, "no" is never an issue, and we can pivot based on your needs.


Let's Get It Done

How We Work

Let Us Help Clear Things Up

We sit and discuss your project. We give you insights and direct you toward your next step, whether with us or another solution (we're not a good fit for everyone). If we work together, you'll be added to our project management software (ClickUp), and we'll get to work.

Do The Hard Things First

We dive deep and learn about your company. We assess project risks and research their solutions. The goal is to test and flag major show-stoppers so we're not stuck with an unworkable solution at the finish line.

Build Momentum

We collect and/or set up all of your required accounts (Such as those for running and monitoring problems in your software, third-party passwords, API access, etc.). No matter what happens to us, you'll always have your keys.

Hard Hat Required Beyond This Point

You will receive access to your dashboard, which will have the bare minimum. This dashboard acts as our central place to evaluate work and test functionality. It will fill up with resources and features you can touch and see as we progress.

Full Steam Ahead

Depending on the scope, we sometimes create an MVP focused on nailing the critical path. We use it to evaluate your idea and test product theories, using what we've learned in the next step.

Be Like Water

Like a printer, we iterate over existing features from the previous step or sprint towards new ones. The goal is to perfect what we've built, which might involve creating visuals and layouts for each iteration. The goal is to break things up into small pieces with flexible outcomes.

The Final Polish

You're well-versed in the product, but your team needs training. Once everyone is comfortable, we work on the requested changes because someone always raises tweaks at the 11th hour—bring it on! Finally, we double-check all live accounts, sweep the digital floors, and open your doors to the public.

We Get Back To Work

At this point, you might imagine a "Just Married" car driving off into the sunset. In reality, no plan survives contact with the enemy. We get back to work and support you short and long-term with software updates, training, further iterations, or whatever you need. Your success is our success.

Discover and Empower

Start Building Today

Technology can be cryptic and intimidating. Worry not—we've got you! Bring your project or idea, and we'll help you untangle the mystery. We will review the details, bounce ideas, and generate valuable insights.

Gain a clear direction for moving forward (which is only sometimes us). Our mission here is to help you find the right next step. Book A Free Discovery Meeting

Clarity of Vision
We help you articulate and refine your project objectives, ensuring you have a clear path forward.
Industry/Market Insights
You can access our expertise and knowledge of current technological trends and innovations.
Empowered Decisions
With straightforward information about project scope, potential risks, and technological options, move forth better positioned.
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Laptop with the cookies by george website

Over 400K

Cookies Per Year

Sends Faxes

Yes, in 2024

E-Commerce / Gift Giving / Retail

sr-leaf Cookies By George

We initially underestimated the challenge of selling cookies but ended up delivering an awesome batch:

  • Multi-Recipients In Single Order: One order, infinite postal codes. We mix'matching delivery and pick-up. Each rate is calculated independently.
  • API Integration: Automatic address lookups, giftcard purchasing, multiple courier integrations, and instant error reporting.
  • Store App: Retail stores fulfill orders, manage hours and inventory with an easy-to-use iPad interface.
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Platform / Dashboard / Payments

sr-leaf Conflict Is For The Birds

We built a commerce agnostic platform that helps people understand their conflict style and how to use it to their advantage. Practitioners can send and track assessments, and even create their own groups.

  • E-Commerce Agnostic: Platform works without being tied to one e-commerce provider.
  • Practitioner Control: Can create contacts, groups and even sign-up links their test takers can access through a QR code.
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Laptop with the cookies by george website


For staff / practitioners


Assessments, notifications

We consider SwiftRoot our IT Director. They guide our technical strategy, create new things, and keep our e-learning platform humming. There is no one we'd rather turn to for technology.

~ Leslie M.

sr-leaf GoForth Institute

Great service, excellent at problem solving, a joy to work with! Alek has a wonderful personality and is really great at bouncing ideas off of each other to result in the best product possible. 10/10 would recommend!

~ Rachel G.

sr-leaf Cookies By George

Swiftroot created a custom technical solution while working with our pressing product deadlines. We appreciated their flexibility when changes arose. Would work with them again.

~ Derek E.

sr-leaf Accelerate Financial Tech

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