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sr-leaf Scale Your Business Without Obliterating Your Time

We streamline your operations so you can level up. If you need a partner that will work through your challenges, help reduce risk and guide you towards your intended results - hello.

Get Your Time Back

Streamline And Scale

Scaling your business is tough—there are so many choices. If your current technology setup feels like a ticking time bomb, you're not alone. It's not just about finding tech solutions; it's about finding a partner who gets your business needs and can align both worlds.

Do you want to deal with design agencies that lack technical depth, freelancers with unpredictable outcomes, and the never-ending wait for updates across different timezones, which are both a time drain and a business risk? How do you judge quality, compare options, and make sound strategic decisions when everything in technology seems so cryptic?

We're here to help you navigate the maze, scale your business, and streamline your operations. We'll walk you through the tech stuff and ensure our solutions fit your aim. We're your partner to bounce ideas, help guide you, and be trusted to get things done.

Technology Should Be Fun And Functional

Not a risk or burden, and so if it isn't working, it's time to evolve.

The Perfect Fit

Technology is a tool to augment your business process, not burden it. We build custom software that fits your business like a glove, not a straitjacket. We will never look at your business and say, "You need to change your process to fit our software." Instead, we build software that informs and works alongside what you already have, ideally with advancements and new opportunities.

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Respect Your Time

We've done this once or twice and keenly understand what succeeds and what falls short. As you don't need a second job, we strive to inform you where possible. We deeply explore your requirements, uncover aspects you might have yet to consider and provide insightful guidance. This thoroughness is our commitment to excellence – because, like you, we're invested in success and saving much time.

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It Is About How You Use It

Our focus is on more than workable solutions. An essential aspect for us is how you use what you build. Something intuitive for your users and not your staff is a failure to us. We want to make sure that you can utilize your software to its full potential, and that means making it easy to work with. Imagine not sifting through dense manuals to find that elusive checkbox deeply hidden on page 100.

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Laptop with the cookies by george website

Over 400K

Cookies Per Year

Sends Faxes

Yes, in 2024

E-Commerce / Gift Giving / Retail

sr-leaf Cookies By George

We initially underestimated the challenge of selling cookies but ended up delivering an awesome batch:

  • Multi-Recipients In Single Order: One order, infinite postal codes. We mix'matching delivery and pick-up. Each rate is calculated independently.
  • API Integration: Automatic address lookups, giftcard purchasing, multiple courier integrations, and instant error reporting.
  • Store App: Retail stores fulfill orders, manage hours and inventory with an easy-to-use iPad interface.

Platform / Dashboard / Payments

sr-leaf Conflict Is For The Birds

We built a commerce agnostic platform that helps people understand their conflict style and how to use it to their advantage. Practitioners can send and track assessments, and even create their own groups.

  • E-Commerce Agnostic: Platform works without being tied to one e-commerce provider.
  • Practitioner Control: Can create contacts, groups and even sign-up links their test takers can access through a QR code.
Laptop with the cookies by george website


For staff / practitioners


Assessments, notifications

We consider SwiftRoot our IT Director. They guide our technical strategy, create new things, and keep our e-learning platform humming. There is no one we'd rather turn to for technology.

~ Leslie M.

sr-leaf GoForth Institute

Great service, excellent at problem solving, a joy to work with! Alek has a wonderful personality and is really great at bouncing ideas off of each other to result in the best product possible. 10/10 would recommend!

~ Rachel G.

sr-leaf Cookies By George

Swiftroot created a custom technical solution while working with our pressing product deadlines. We appreciated their flexibility when changes arose. Would work with them again.

~ Derek E.

sr-leaf Accelerate Financial Tech

Frequently asked questions

It's like asking if buying a suit off the rack or getting one tailor-made is cheaper. Off-the-shelf software seems more wallet-friendly, and it can be, especially if your needs are standard. But here's where it gets interesting.

Think about adding plugins to your off-the-shelf software. Each plugin is like an extra patch on that off-the-rack suit. They add up, not just in cost but in complexity, too. Additionally, you'll need someone to manage these customizations. That's an additional expense, and these costs can snowball quickly.

Now, compare that to custom software. The initial price tag might be higher, but it's like getting that tailor-made suit. It fits you perfectly from the start; no extra patches. It tackles your specific problem head-on.

So, while you might pay more upfront, you're avoiding many hidden add-on costs down the line. Plus, you get precisely what you need without the fuss of stripping away unneeded features or hoping that a patchwork of plugins will solve your problem.

Vendor lock-in is a common concern with custom software, but let me put your mind at ease regarding our approach. We designed our platform to be open and flexible. It isn't bound to a single environment – you can run it locally or in the cloud, be it Amazon, Google, or any other primary provider. This versatility is a big plus compared to web-only providers, who might restrict you to their platform without direct access.

We believe in transparency and will communicate any limitations during our discovery meeting. The goal is to avoid any surprises down the line. Generally speaking, we don't operate with a vendor lock-in model. We want you to stay with us because you love the service and the product, not because you're stuck with it. So, you can rest assured that with our software, you're getting a solution that's as open and extendable.