The Challenge

Selling online is no easy feat. Cookies by George uses various delivery options such as FedEx and local courier. Customers can also send cookies to multiple recipients in one order, as well as request in-store pick up or catering services. The challenge was obvious. How do we create a system that can handle a complex business process, is easy to administer, can communicate with retail locations, is reliable and above all, easy for customers to navigate?

Our Solution

We started with a great mobile-friendly design to feature Cookie by George's high-quality ingredients, product details, store locator and easy to navigate store section. We then created an adaptive checkout process that bends to user requirements and only shows what's necessary. As not to overwhelm the user, this approach allows for complex interactions that are handled one step at a time.

The Results

A highly functional e-commerce platform that, amongst making purchasing cookies smooth and simple, scales with the business.

Increase In Online Orders
Administrative Efficiency
Cookies Sold Online Per Year